The first SECAP approved in Italy by San Severino Marche Municipality

5 Mar

On Tuesday 26th 2019, the second agenda item of the Municipal Council Meeting of San Severino Marche was: “COVENANT OF MAYORS FOR CLIMATE AND ENERGY – APPROVAL ACTION PLAN FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY AND CLIMATE (SECAP)” .

The subject was presented by Counselor arch. Pieri D. Pierandrei, lead co-author of the plan and the municipality’s representative on the EU project “Empowering,” led by SVIM S.p.a. on behalf of the Marche Region. Pierandrei introduced Dr. Mileva Milloshi, external technical consultant, and Geom. Piero Sileoni, technical support within the municipality, as team members on the project. He thanked the municipality’s offices, ASSEM, CONTRAM, and COSMARI for their collaboration in providing the data for creating the plan. He emphasized the importance of this Action Plan at local and EU levels; in fact, Mayor Rosa Piermattei, with other mayors, the Marche Region, and SVIM, recently attended a two-day meeting in Brussels on these issues and on the need for collaboration between municipalities to address them. Pierandrei then covered the contents of the plan, from the BEI (base emission inventory) to climate change data, and from adaptation to mitigation. The plan identified 2009 emissions (base year) at 42.016 tCO2. Therefore, the objective of reducing emissions by at least 40% by 2030 will require a reduction of 16.806 tCO2. Several of the more than seventy action sheets were also presented, some completed between 2009 and the present day, such as the installation of electric car charging stations, and others to be implemented between now and 2030. Minority Councilmembers Ms. Gabriela Lampa and Dr. Pietro Cruciani asked about expected actions in the near future, European funding, and progress reporting. Budget alderman Tarcisio Antognozzi explained the short-term actions and related funding. He also addressed the strategic importance of the plan and the advantages of belonging to the Covenant of Mayors network. Pierandrei concluded the discussion by explaining that Brussels requires the signatories of the covenant to send biennial monitoring reports to verify ongoing progress. He also reiterated how the need for addressing climate change is becoming increasingly urgent, and emphasized the importance of acting as soon as possible. The approval was voted unanimously by all those present.

Congratulations to San Severino Marche Municipality staff (technical and political) for this great success!

More to come from Regione Marche…

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