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  • Green House Gases Emissions and Climate Change

Τhe build-up of carbon in the atmosphere has been recognized as a major environmental problem likely to lead to global warming, with a range of negative long-term impacts upon the atmosphere of the planet. Climate change is having an impact on our community and across our countries. Average temperatures are rising, snow and ice cover are declining, and natural disasters, such as wildfires and floods, are affecting more communities and more often.

Integrated action on climate change is crucial. The solution lies in developing and sharing alternative technology, taking into account that the benefits of a global consensus to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be multi-facetted for the environment, for the quality for human life and the sustainability for the generations to come. Only then, it will be possible to achieve the transition to a low-carbon society and combat climate change.

  •  Municipalities are taking action

Local governments play a key role in climate protection. More and more municipalities are moving forward with sustainable policies and approaches to manage water supplies, reduce energy consumption, optimize transportation and examine land use policies.

Their role matters today and for the future. Local governments can make important contributions to climate protection by cutting emissions from municipal operations. They can also implement cost-effective investments and create incentive- based policies that support sustainable infrastructure and development practice.

  •  What is EMPOWERING

“Empowering local public authorities to build integrated sustainable energy strategies – EMPOWERING” is a project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme,  which contributes to the shift of six EU regions towards low-carbon society by enhancing the capacities of municipalities and regional representatives to shape integrated energy strategies and plans. The project contributes to bridge the gap of skills needed to plan energy measures in the new 2030 framework for Climate and Energy Policy in terms of GHG emission reduction, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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