My Covenant – Regione Marche experience mentioned during the CoM webinar as best practice

7 May

On  21th March 2019, Sviluppo Marche participated to the webinar organised by the Covenant of Mayors Office, for the Regional coordinators in Italy.

The aim was to provide an overview on the improvement on the My Covenant e-platform as well as on the supporting instruments given by the CoMo and the National coordinator.

It was also an occasion to share the main challenges at National level. At this regard, the work done by the partner Sviluppo Marche srl and the support given by the CoM ambassador Assessora Bora, was mentioned as best practice in Italy, in particular the capacity building event organised on 7th February 2018 “Covenant of Mayors – Regional best practices and financing opportunities towards 2030 objectives”, in Brussels.

The event was hosted by the Committee of the Regions and the Covenant of Mayors in the afternoon of the 7th  February 2019 in Brussels. It aimed at celebrating in EU the project municipalities commitment to SECAP Actions towards 2030 objectives, within the Covenant of Mayors framework, as well as at sharing regional best practices. Also it provided an overview on the financial opportunities to the implementation of SECAP (click HERE for more information on the event)

For more information the slides of the webinar are available, please download this file.

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