Other interesting european projects


  • Covenant of Mayors

    covenant2Heralded as the “world’s biggest urban climate and energy initiative”, the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy brings together thousands of local and regional authorities voluntarily committed to implementing EU climate and energy objectives on their territory.

  •        OptiTrans

    OPTITRANS “Optimisation of Public Transport Policies for Green Mobility” aims to reduce the carbon footprint of mobility, public transport has to be strengthened, especially in rural and suburban regions that represent bottlenecks in public transport networks.

  •        ShapeEnergy

    New European platform for energy-related social sciences and humanities (energy-SSH). This innovative Platform will unite those who ‘demand’ energy research, because they can use it to develop practical initiatives, with those who ‘supply’ that research. Each of our Platform Activities will create space for these two groups to meet and collaborate in ‘shaping’ the European energy agenda.

  •     SIMPLA

    SIMPLA supports local authorities in harmonising their SEAPs and SUMPs.
    The project targets small and medium-sized municipalities with a population between 50.000 – 350.000 inhabitants proposing a four-step approach to foster harmonised planning.

  •      LIFE SEC Adapt

    Life Sec Adapt project aims to contribute to increase the climate resilience capacity of the European urban areas, thus facilitating the shift towards low-carbon economies. Thanks to their participation to Life Sec Adapt, the Municipalities involved in the project intend to promote and update the “Sustainable Energy Communities” (SEC) model, making Local Communities the drivers for regional sustainable development through the coordination and support of Regional Authorities and Development Agencies.

  • Mayors in Action

    mayorsinactionMayors in Action for a Sustainable Future is an experienced consortium of 9 partners from across Europe is ready to support you with implementing and monitoring your sustainable energy and climate actions. Join us, learn, share, and have fun with us!

  • Green Partner Ships

    Project’s aim is to support local administrations to overcome existing obstacles and effectively implement the set measures on the way to energy efficient cities and regions. Sustainable solutions will be implemented by creating local partnerships between owners, suppliers and final users of these initiatives.

  • 50001 Seaps

    50001-seaps-logo-color-webThe 50000&1 SEAPs project provides a coherent approach to integrating Energy Management Systems (EnMS) with Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) according to energy management standards such as  ISO50001.

  • Community Power

    co_power_logo-taglineCommunity-owned energy projects have the potential to transform our energy system. Communities and cooperatives all over Europe are creating projects where they own and are actively involved in running an energy resource.

  • Conurbant

    conurbantThe CONURBANT project aims at helping medium-large cities, and the smaller towns in their urban area, through capacity building using peer-to-peer support  and training between less and more experienced Municipalities, in the framework of the CoM.

  • Covenant Capacity

    covenant-capacity-logo-webCovenant capaCITY takes up the urgent challenge to develop more sustainable energy communities (SEC) across Europe. This is done by offering a comprehensive European capacity building programme for local governments to support all the phases of implementing a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) – from motivation, planning, implementation, to monitoring and evaluating.

  • Energy for Mayors

    The ENERGY FOR MAYORS project was unique. It was the first IEE co-funded project which not only supported local authorities in engaging in local climate action, but also assisted their partners – Covenant Coordinators (CC) and Supporters (CS) – to optimize the support that they provide to municipalities. The project contributed to the successful implementation of the Covenant of Mayors and reaching EU climate & energy goals.