Air pollution and climate change: two sides of the same coin

7 May

Humanity is primarily contributing to air pollution and global warming through self-serving resource-intensive lifestyles, producing and consuming more than ever before, generating more greenhouse gases as a result, as well as air pollutants in the form of chemicals and particulate matter, including “black carbon”.

In particular, energy emissions generated by inefficient building sector and air pollution are closely interlinked, so by reducing air pollution we also protect the climate.

A new instrument developed by ENERFUND project aims to intensify investment in the major renovation of buildings in Europe. Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme, it provides stakeholders such as funding institutions, energy service companies and local public authorities with information on the energy efficiency of the Buildings Fund in Europe. Specifically, ENERFUND uses data from Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) to map energy renovation opportunities.

More information in ENERFUND project website:

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